1. We celebrated Earth Day at the Brekke Earth Home

    Little Learners, as part of our regular monthly curriculum, travel somewhere for wonderful fun and adventure.  This month, we had a field trip to the Brekke earth home where we stood on top of the dirt roof, gathered chicken eggs, went by tractor to see the cows and petted a friendly horse.  We …Read More

  2. Little Learners have interactive learning opportunities

    Our Little Learners are having lots of fun with spring.  We have caterpillars who have gone to the chrysalis stage (cocoon); we are reading Very Hungry Caterpillar to understand the life cycle of butterflies as we watch them unfold.  We also have butterfly and dragonfly art projects and are racing…Read More

  3. Little Learners Parents Give 90% Excellent Rating

    This year's surveys given to all parents of the school came back with a 90% overall excellent rating.  The highest level of approval was in 'curriculum' and 'teachers'.  We strive to provide an exciting and challenging learning experience for each child and go the extra mile by providing a low chi…Read More

  4. Register Early and save $10

    Those who register their child prior to or on the Open House date of Feb 4, 2012 from 10-12 will save $10 on the registration fee! Hurry...slots are filling fast.…Read More

  5. Getting Ready for 2012/13 Open House

    We are gearing up for another wonderful year and, in an effort to provide smaller class sizes, we propose an afternoon 4 year old class in addition to the morning and JRK program.  The expansion will allow us to enroll a few more students, but, most importantly, keep the size down to 12 or 13 pe…Read More

  6. Preschool school supply list

    Here is the list that all preschoolers need to bring on the open house, Sept 6,  from 9:30 to 12:00 v  2 rolls paper towels v  6 glue sticks v  2 dry erase markers (any color) v  2 pocket folders with BRADS in order to store your child’s work.  Clearly label your child’s name on the folde…Read More

  7. Little Learners Getting Ready…

    We are so excited about the upcoming new year.   We are almost at full level for the 3's and are full for 4's morning.  We are beginning to take a wait list for a potential afternoon 4 year old program which would run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 -3:30.…Read More

  8. Little Learners Preschool–More for the Money

    Our students enjoy monthly field trips, special visitors and/or parties  including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day Tea, Track and Field...because we believe in CHILDHOOD!  Come see the school that 98% of last year's parents rated "Extremely exceptional"!!…Read More


    We are very heavy on the boy enrollment for both 4 year old classes! In an effort to bring more gender balance,  we are offering a 50%  registration discount  (a savings of $35)--in both the JR K program and the 4 morning program--if you are lucky enough to have a girl!…Read More