Many of you received notice of missing immunizations—this is due in part because the State of Colorado re-adjusted the number and type of shot for preschoolers last March.  Consequently, I have to have the updated records returned back to me within 14 days. If you can not, or do not want, to admi…Read More


    We need an accurate Thanksgiving Feast number by THIS Wednesday. Afterward, we will let you know if there is extra space to bring additional family members (grandparents etc) based on the signup count.  All are expected to bring one dish that will feed 10 persons.  Please sign up ASAP…thanks!…Read More

  3. Picture Re-take Opportunity

    Picture Day went well, however if you missed it, I understand you will have a re-take opportunity at the Skillman Studios in December…more on that later.…Read More

  4. This Week: Nov. 8-12 2010

    *H is for Harvest; This week and next, we are covering both the Thanksgiving story and good nutrition.  We have also begun introductory Spanish including  counting to ten, Si, No, Gracias and de nada (your welcome).  Thanks  Jan Baker for her helpful lessons…she lived in Spain and will help us…Read More

  5. Ms Eileen’s Classes

    WE really enjoyed learning about the origin of Thanksgiving and writing our own recipes for pumpkin pie.  My classes enjoy the added cash registers and check out counters at the Grocery store…lots of money exchange and food classification make it fun too.…Read More

  6. Ms. Ashley’s Class

    This week we really enjoyed learning about the letter H and the sound it makes. We also enjoyed the change of weather and talked about what we love to do in the snow! We also learned about the first Thanksgiving and began to talk about what we do at home for Thanksgiving.…Read More

  7. Picture Day Is Coming On November 10th.

    Skillman Photography is coming to Little Learners! Parents may choose from a variety of size and quantity packages as well as a preferred pose.  Guaranteed to be ready for Christmas! Check your in-box for more information!…Read More

  8. Upcoming Calendar Nov. 10-22

    Nov 10:  Picture Day!! 10:30  for 4 A 11:15 for 3’s and other family members 12:30 for 4 P Nov 17: Kids in the Kitchen Pizza Party with chef  Thadd Hollis Nov 18 Kids in Kitchen – 3’s Nov 22: Regular school day for 4A Nov 22: All school family feast  5:00 – 6:30pm…Read More

  9. Special Thanks And WOW Parents

    SPECIAL THANKS: We are blessed to have so many parents who help the program in many different ways!  Thanks especially to all the parents who made the Halloween Party a big success.  With the 4 year old program, we were able to have 8 different centers because of our Parents!  The 3 year olds par…Read More