Thanksgiving: we read about Thankfulness and The Little Red Hen as well as The Little Red Hen makes pizza.  The stories compliment our nutrition theme but also assisted in our class discussion about ‘everyone helps’ and why we are thankful.

ART:  Lots of ART will be given to parents on our Thanksgiving Feast.  If you are not coming to the Feast and wish to have the themed art for display on your Thanksgiving, please come by either Friday or Monday and pick them up.

MATH:   The 3 year olds made ‘Number Salad” and the 4 year olds made pizza.  These counting and measuring activities really build our math knowledge in a delicious way!

Social Sciences:  We continue to learn the history of Pilgrims and Indians for the first Thanksgiving.

Music: 5 Fat Turkeys; 10 little Pilgrims and We are Thankful