Hello everyone! We are so excited about starting up our new year! Please remember our Open house times are from 9-12. If you can, try to bring your little one on the times below:
3 year olds: 9-10 am
4 year old AM: 10-11 am
4 year old PM: 11-12 pm

All the teachers and aides will be there to introduce themselves and all centers will be open for play and your child’s cubby will be assigned. If you can, bring a family photo to place in the cubby with your child! They love looking at it during the day. important parent information, sign up sheets and updated calendars will also be available.

Finally, please be sure to bring all of the registration packet.  Without a complete packet, your child may not be able to attend!  It is also important to fill in ‘allergies’ and any medical information.  I need a small photo to put on your child’s emergency card too!  Finally, don’t forget your tuition and class supplies.

Until August 31, keep your kids safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!  Eileen Barnes