Little Learners Preschool

A Completely Unique Program

Celebrating Childhood Traditions!

Little Learners, as part of our regular monthly curriculum, travel somewhere for wonderful fun and adventure.  This month, we had a field trip to the Brekke earth home where we stood on top of the dirt roof, gathered chicken eggs, went by tractor to see the cows and petted a friendly horse.  We learned how the home is so efficient, they don’t even use a heater or air conditioning…so much fun!

Put the FUN in fundamental!

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Little Learners preschool is located at the Berthoud United Methodist Church on the corner of 9th and Lake in Berthoud, CO.

We offer an atmosphere that encourages imaginative play with cognitive skills woven into daily projects and centers.

Each child is unique, with talents and gifts to offer - our hope is to access each child’s learning style so that all may know success!

Our ultimate goal is to support parents in building a confident understanding of all necessary pre-k skills before Kindergarten.